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beer, cocktails, and a jukebox

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My name is Georgette, and I am a bartender in Reno at the best bar in town! St. James Infirmary

We pour Craft Beer, Local, and Classic Cocktails. Join us for warm atmosphere.

Delivering Blues, Blue Grass, Jazz, Indie, Folk, Country, and Rock N Roll! and more!

    Whitney Meyer is going to be in the House!  See you friday night at St. James Infirmary.

    Whitney Meyer is going to be in the House!  See you friday night at St. James Infirmary.


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    tomorrow night come in for a delicious Blanche de Chambly for happy hour ($2 off all draft beers from 3pm-6pm), or enjoy vinyl records all night long starting around 9pm.

no cover

    tomorrow night come in for a delicious Blanche de Chambly for happy hour ($2 off all draft beers from 3pm-6pm), or enjoy vinyl records all night long starting around 9pm.

    no cover


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    Playing on the Jukebox:  Rolling Stones-Beast of Burden

    Friday night.  

    A night filled with women, so many women.  I love when the bar is dominated by estrogen.  Did you introduce yourself to somebody new?  

    Step out of your comfort zone, go for it.  You can practice meeting new people tonight.  Join us, shone and I will be hanging out at the Infirmary tonight.  I’m not working, and we are going to be raging the dance party!


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    it was another fantastic friday night!

    What do you like to do on fridays?  For some of you it may be the end of your week, it could be your monday, or just another day.  I would love to hear what is going down on your friday, regardless of what city you live in.  

    On Fridays you might guess that I work at St. James Infirmary.  I have in fact for the past 7 months if you can believe it!  The time is flying by, it’s crazy.  I’m so thankful for this job. It rocks my world.  

    Sometimes I bartend, sometimes I cocktail.  It just depends on what the night needs to make it all run the best.  I love that about my job.  I live my entire life, each and every single day like that.  Waking up, assessing the day, what needs to be done, who is around, what can be accomplished, and then make the most of it.  My life changes on a daily basis.  Going with the flow and putting my best effort in every single day makes my life and all things involved purrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Last night I cocktailed.  Joey is out of town for her birthday.  The Reno weather was a bit chilly, windy, and cold.  It has snowed before in July.  Reno is a roller coaster ride at times.  The deck just wasn’t going to happen.  I got some extra exercise in walking the stairs, and I’m all good with that!  It’s important to be as active as I can, sometimes I spend a little too much time in front of my computer.  I’m getting better at it though!!!  Soon shone and I are going to join a gym, we want more cardio, and time to walk on the treadmills without worrying about being hit by a car.  

    Lots of specialty cocktails last night, Pimm’s Cup and Gin Slings, Fred and Gingers, Moscow Mules, Mojitos, and Summer Thyme.  If you have not tasted one of these delicious cocktails, you should come in and give it a try.  YUMMMMMMMMMMMMY!

    I’m cocktailing tonight, I’m in at 8pm.  I’m feeling like it could be a busy and late night.  I’m down!  Hope to see some of your faces tonight.  If you are in the mood for some laughs, some giggles, and are ready for whatever can happen, stop in!



    p.s. do you have any questions about the bar?  Are you new and wondering how you can become a part of the fun?  Just ask, I’m always here for you.

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    combo pack!


    I just put on Sam Cooke.  This is how I started my friday night shift on the deck.  The wind was blowing, Zak and I were setting up the deck bar, and I was in pure heaven.  The Juke Box at the Infirmary is just TITS!!!

    The night got off chatting with customers about photography, imagine that!  giggle  I love when you have those moments with others that just brings right to your life’s focus and love.  Travel, adventure, life on the web.  It was a fantastic conversation.  And…….they became members the next day. ;)

    I was next visited by a cool cat, somebody everybody seems to know all too well.  Everytime he sits at the bar, people are re-connecting.  Tim is the owner of SoundWave Cd’s.  Many people here in Reno have made several investments into his store.  Purchasing countless music!  Even while shone worked in Seattle for some music heads, part of his route and distribution was in fact SoundWave Cd’s.  Tim is a super cool guy, and he has become a friday night visiter.  I keep a bottle of crown on my bar just for him.  He likes it on the rocks in case you ever want to buy him a drink.  We have great conversations about music.  This friday we discussed the new little project that shone and I are working on.  We both couldn’t agree more how important it is to like music no matter if it’s popular or not, simply because you like it.  That’s the reason!  And times you can be silly and listen or play something that is just fun.  I am really thankful for the connection with Tim.  I know that I am going to learn a lot from him and his valuable knowledge he has.  I sure wouldn’t mind having him as a guest writer, sharing some tid bits and tunes on our current development.  We’ll see where it goes.

    Art town is going on in Reno right now, lots of people are out and about.  We’ve been seeing our pulse hit a little later in the night.  We are a great warm up or wind down place for Art Town.  Come on down!

    I have to say this, we were filled with women!  I met Karina, a bartender at the Infirmary before I worked here.  So sweet and was so great to meet somebody that Jamie just adores and talks about all of the time.  I wish I had more time to visit, watching the big corner booth completely filled with women was awesome!  They all headed to Edge, and I can only imagine all of the fun they had!

    Shone arrived just before the sunset, he loves to join me before it gets dark.  I know how much he loves the magic hour.  And poof, friends started landing.  It was awesome!  We discussed burning man, the temple build, vancouver film documentarists, travel, and more!  And more friends arrived.  The word is getting out that shone is on my bar friday nights.  It’s the night to come out and visit.  We close the deck bar each and every friday night by the way.  So if you want to come early or join us for after shifters, you know where we are hanging and drinking.  WE would love to see you.  

    My bar and the deck was standing room only.  It’s such a festive vibe as the pulse hits and climaxes.  I saw newly pierced boobies.  So pretty!  and I may or may not have posed for a topless phone on my iphone late in the night after I got off.  Ha ha!  so fun, there is something so stimulating about having the fresh air on my boobs.  It lead to a magical night with shone and I after we went home.  Yummmmy Yummmy!  


    Day 5, It’s been a while since I’ve done 5 nights straight.  whoah!  I think shone took almost all I had left in our romp session the previous night.  I got to work, filled with a yummy salad from Whole Foods salad bar, and  once we got the deck bar set up, and I was in the fresh air, it was all just dreamy.  I had some interesting customers and randomness that kept me highly entertained until the storm hit.  

    Armed with my large water bottle with my emergence, and my green smoothie, the night continued to just roll with the flow.  I had a group of boys show up from Klamath Falls Oregon.  My father was born there!  They were in town for a bachelor party, and left the bachelor at the casino.  They LOVE St. James Infirmary and wanted to come visit, but the bachelor didn’t want to leave the hotel!  haha  I’m so glad they stopped by, I had a lot of fun with them.  They finally caved in and went back, I’m sure we’ll see them again.  

    Dj Andrew was filling the room with pop.  People were dancing and we were packed.  Joey could hardly make it around the deck, and I was pouring just as quickly as they could get me clean glasses.  I love it when it rages like that.  The night becomes such a rodeo!  I love the challenge, and it lifts my ability to hold to the night.  One thing I love most about the crew I work with is that we do whatever it takes to keep up.  I’ve never lost control of a shift or a night my entire bar career.  I could never hold it down on my own with the volume and business at the Infirmary, but now I am backed by an entire crew that never gives up either!  It’s fucking fantastic!

    Saw some old friends from Bullys!  Remember Ian you guys, our manager when we worked Bullys Mt. Rose?  It was so great to catch up.  Hoping to visit him at the Wild River Grille sometime soon.  Shone and I love the ambience of the place.  We ate there for our first time after the first Dr. Sketchy event we sponsored and attended at Bruka Theater.  

    As the night began to come down, it was time to cut the deck bar.  Zak puts it away, and I assist the crew on the bar down below until he can return.  Team work always.  I totally love it!  

    The night ended with nibbling on some cheese it’s!  It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, and it was amazing!!!

    I’m a little tired today, I am going to enjoy a relaxing day filled with fresh juiced watermelon, I’m making some veggie sushi tonight, and am going to make a sauce with tahini, cashews, coconut oil, and basil.  True blood is on tonight.  Oh I love the weekly episode to look forward too.  I must admit I love Game of Thrones a wee bit more, but I am hoping that the fangbangers pull me in deep again.  I really like the twist on this new episode so far, we’ll see.

    I’m off for a few days, I’ll return next wed-saturday.  However there is Jazz tonight, 7pm no cover, Blue Grass on Monday, and trivia on tuesday, lots of new Sours in the bottle. We are open 3pm-3am.  Happy hour 3pm-6pm.  You can order food and have it delivered.  There is a new restaurant open too:  Conscious Cuisine, and they deliver! ;)  check it out.



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